Pineapple X-Press☀️🍍

Pineapple X-Press☀️🍍


[Fruity, Sweet, Floral]
Bacardi rum 4 years ~ Orange blossom infusion ~ Roasted victoria pineapple puree ~ Pineapple juice ~ Lime
Accompaniment: Dehydrated pineapple

100% Victoria Pineapple! We recovered from our rum infusions, the roasted victoria pineapple to make a puree! hmmmmm
A pretty summery mixture, with a nice floral note with orange blossom... this cocktail will be refreshing and loaded with vitamins! Good tasting  ☀️

Tasting tips:
Place the cocktail bag in the refrigerator 1 hour before tasting. Put a wine glass 🍷 in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Pour the cocktail over the ice cubes and taste it while thinking of us! 🃏

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