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the Joker Cocktails & bar offers you a menu per week with homemade ingredients in line with the seasonality of the products. 
You will find the description, the typology of the glasses but above all a gauge which will show you the orientation of the cocktail: more or less dry, fruity, sweet, tangy, spicy, floral...

This will allow you to project yourself without knowing all the products.
Below this map you will find the Bestsellers who made us participate or win national or international competitions.
Happy reading! 

Cocktails of the week... 

Carte semaine

Black Pearl

This cocktail, revisits the Negroni, is composed of:  
Gin Nouaison
Quintinye Vermouth Royal Red
Martini Riserva Bitter infused with Black Curry

[dry, bitter, spicy]

Mexican Express

This cocktail, revisits the Expresso Martini, is composed of: 
GreyGoose Vodka
Tequila Patron XO Cafe
Martini Fiero
Grapefruit juice
Egg white

[fruity, sweet, coffee]


The winning Cocktail of the Patron Perfectionist competition in 2019.
This cocktail is composed of: 
Patron Silver Tequila
Mexican orange blossom infusion
Composition of thyme honey, propolis & royal jelly
All smoked with thyme wood

[dry, tangy, floral, smoky]

Queen Victoria

This cocktail, revisits the Daiquiri, is composed of:  
Trio of Bacardi Rums Infused with Oak Barrel Aged Roasted Victoria Pineapple
virgin sugar

[dry, sour]


Italian board [€15]: 

  • Stracciatella [75gr] olive oil with lemon & smoked salt

  • Ham cured for 24 months

  • Italian green olives

  • Pesto Rosso

  • Breadsticks


Sausages [€5]: 

Spanish cured sausage also called fuet! 

  • Fuet neutral

  • Fuet semi-dried tomato

  • Fuet herbs

  • Fuet pepper

Planche VG [15€] : 

  • Stracciatella [75gr] huile d'olive au citron & sel fumé

  • Houmous maison coriandre & sésame grillé [125g]

  • Olives vertes italienne

  • Pesto rosso

  • Gressins

Planche VG_edited.jpg

Houmous [5€] : 

  • Houmous maison coriandre & sésame grillé [125g]

  • Gressins

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